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There are many scholarship opportunities available to students.  Please be aware of deadlines.  On this page you will find scholarship search engines, various non-local scholarships and local scholarships.  Please also check with your chosen college/university for their specific scholarships.


Date Scholarship Category Due Date
1/24/22 Ohio Health Sports Medicine Foundation  Scholarship 2/28/22
1/24/22 Marion Community Foundation  Scholarship 2/24/22
1/24/22 Mid Ohio Energy Scholarships Scholarship 2/11/22

Poet Biorefining Scholarship Application

Scholarship 3/18/22


Ohio Association of Public School Employees Scholarship


1/27/22 NUCOR Scholarship Link Scholarship 3/1/22
4/12/22 Share the Glow  Scholarship 5/1/22
4/12/22    Seiter Family Scholarship 4/18/22

Scholarship Search Engines